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WhisperTouch Invisible

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Large Spool₹ 18.95


100% Nylon
Soft, thin, transparent filament nylon in a beefed-up thickness
and large spool for longarms
(10,000 yards or more per spool)
- feels soft - not like fishing line
- will not melt with a home iron -
 despite common mis-information
Use for quilting when you don't want the thread to show,
when you are stitching on different color fabrics
and don't want to have to match thread
to each fabric (T-shirt quilts),
or for stitching "in the ditch".
Compare to:
Superior Mono Poly, Sulky Premier Invisible, any other monofilament


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Product Color Chart


SelectColor NameColor NumberColorStock
Clear .006 Approx 10,000yds21214500
Smoke .006 Approx 10,000yds21214SMK
Clear .005 Approx 15,000yds21213500
Smoke .005 Approx 15,000yds21213SMK